ten words or less #57

As you might have been able to tell, things have been hectic around WSOTP Central of late. Between two trips to New York for real world work, a family vacation in Charleston, South Carolina, and out-of-town weddings, it’s at least felt like a struggle to find the time for the blog. Which is odd, because I’ve actually done a lot for it lately.

Tottenham's Gylfi Sigurdsson
i know it’s only preseason, but gylfi is already looking like one hell of a signing for spurs.

While in New York I was able to sit down with the guy who runs the country’s greatest soccer pub. In Charleston, I had a chance to meet the awesome travelling support from the Orlando Ruckus when the Battery hosted recently-crowned USL Champions Orlando City. And I’m also running a giveaway for some swag from Storelli, and all you have to do is Like my Facebook page to be entered!

And believe it or not, there’s still more exciting stuff on the way. So hang in there a little bit longer for some of that delectable original content that keeps you coming back for more… or something like that. These links should get you your fix in the mean time…

It seems like D.C. wants to lose United to Baltimore. – washingtonpost.com

Would a Boca return to MLS be worth the investment? – theshinguardian.com

“Please please please please don’t call me a racist”. Brilliant. – fitbathatba.com

Did Chevy’s Manchester United Deal get their CEO fired? – adage.com

Glen Johnson’s claim to be an American sports fan debunked. – youtube.com

Continuity under Tito seems almost assured for Barça, right? – reddit.com/user/Atald

Settled on the new Vapors… then Maestri III’s came out. – soccerbible.com

A foosball badass, too? Disco Benny is a legend. – hamhigh.co.uk

“World’s first bio-engineered soccer ball, grown from living cells.”
– pigsbladderfootball.com

And first to market with a GLT-compatible ball is… – select-sport.com

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