i “liked” WSOTP on facebook, and all i got was this awesome gear

WSOTP and Storelli-Gift
omg… wrong side of the pond got me storelli sliders!?!?!

You probably won’t find this shocking, but I think “Liking” the Wrong Side of the Pond page on Facebook is a pretty great idea. As you might expect, the benefits for doing so are many: you’re the first to know when posts land on the blog, you’re privy to view albums from my various adventures in the world of football, and you have the ability to interact directly with me… an honor some might kill for.

And while think that’s ample reason for you readers to click this link and “Like” the blog, I begrudgingly must accept that for some of you, well, that’s just not enough.

Fine, how about a little extra incentive then?

Starting today, Sunday, July 29th, at the time of posting, everyone who gives WSOTP a “Like” on our Facebook page before 11:59pm EST on Friday, August 3rd, will be registered for a chance to win a free pair of BodyShield Sliders shorts from our friends at Storelli Sports!

These aren’t just your average pair of compression shorts, either. Storelli’s BodyShield Sliders offer you not only light-weight and sweat-wicking properties you would expect from your gear during competitive matches, but they also incorporate 3mm of innovative, flexible foam technology that protects you every time you dive or slide without hindering your movements. The thinness of the foam, and its flexibility, means they’re perfect for both goalkeepers and field players. Thanks to anti-microbial treatments, they’re also far less likely to retain your stink after each match — which is perfect for those of you who might not have a mom/wife doing your laundry properly for you.

And considering they cost nearly $60 retail, the chance of landing a free pair of these in the size of your choosing is well worth the simple few clicks to “Like” us on Facebook… wouldn’t you agree?

Storelli BodyShield Sliders
Alright, so if you’re still reading to this point, you’re probably looking for specifics, or perhaps the official rules and regulations:

  1. “Like” Wrong Side of the Pond on Facebook before 11:59pm EST on Friday, 8/3/2012.
    1. If you’ve already “Liked” the blog at some point in the past, verify that you still do, and then comment on the Facebook posting for this article so your name can be added to the registration list. I can’t in good conscience leave out you loyal readers.
    2. A quick FYI to all of my extended family: I’m sadly ruling all of you as ineligible, so nobody can blame me for FIFA-like bribery and corruption. And before you ask: yes, I’m including myself in this ban.
  2. Wait patiently.
  3. On Sunday, August 5th, 2012, I will place every registrant name in a hat, and have my lovely assistant wife draw a single name from the hat.
  4. The winner will be announced in a new blog post at 8pm that evening.
    1. Announced winner will then be contacted via Facebook and will need to provide a mailing address and your desired size of the white BodyShield Sliders by Storelli. (Sizing instructions here.)
    2. This mailing address will be used solely for mailing you your free swag. WSOTP and Storelli Sports promise not to sell your information on to any Nigerian scammers, Japanese pirates, or US government officials… or anyone else for that matter.
  5. Storelli will then ship you your brand new slider shorts. Once received, you can run and slide about like a bat out of hell thanks to your new futuristic compression shorts!

So if you ask me — and again, I’m a little biased — giving Wrong Side of the Pond a “Like” is a pretty good idea right about now. SO WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?!?! GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!!!

[After you’ve done that, be sure to read my interview with Storelli Sports founder, Claudio Storelli.]

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