i want: copa’s terraces tee

If you haven’t noticed by now, looking back through my I want series, I clearly have a thing for soccer culture tees. And one of my favorite producers of clever shirts is Dutch brand COPA, who just dropped their new Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. But with a whopping 98 different shirts in the collection, featuring designers such as WSOTP favorite Miniboro, there were at least a dozen that I would love to get my mitts on. But having browsed through them all, Terraces from Jurgen van Zachten at Locografix is the one I fancy the most.

The simple, monochromatic design is of course a huge reason why I want the shirt. However, I also liked it because the terraces depicted are those of a standing section  — given away by the rails dispersed through the stand depicted — a hot-button topic in English football these days with the rise in interest in safe-standing areas in the Premier League grounds. While I support the movement to bring standing back to England, being American means I won’t see much benefit from it if it does make a return. But with standing at stadiums here in the US is generally accepted, I would be none to happy if I had that privilege stripped. So rocking this also help me feel like I was doing my part to help spread awareness of the cause.

CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT  |  copafootball.com

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