pic of the week 4/22-4/28

Have you ever had one of those moments during one of your Sunday League matches where you realize that you’re taking things far too seriously for an amateur game? You know, where you get way too caught up in the moment and you feel like you’re playing under the bright lights of a Champions League final or in a massive World Cup match… but you’re really just playing at a park 40 yards a way from an under-12 match up.

That must have been exactly the way this unnamed Internacional coach must feel after choking referee Edésio Weber in the amateur Copa Sul dos Campeões tournament final in Brazil. As video of the incident explains (WARNING: Portuguese), Inter’s coach became incised with Weber when one of his players was punched by an opposing player from São Defende, but was shown also shown a red along with his assailant. A perfectly good reason to choke a bitch, right?

No kids. No it isn’t.

But, there is a lesson to be learned by all those referees who think I give them too much stick while playing: just be happy that I’m not taking out my frustrations on you like they do it in Brazil. Punks.

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