pic of the week 7/1-7/7

Borussia Dortmund 2013/2014 Kit Launch in Flowers

Fret not dear readers… after a fortnight off, the “Pic of the Week” has returned. And with players returning from their ever-shorter summer breaks, most clubs are now focusing on getting their hype machines up and running ahead of the new season. You can see this first hand in the spike in social media presence, as each club will snap pictures of the lads returning to training or jetting off for a fund-drive summer friendly abroad. But my favorite part of the summer ramp up, hands down, has to be kit launches.

In a majority of the launches, a club will debut their new threads through some co-orchestrated press conference with the kit manufacturer. Players will step out wearing the new shirts, smile for the cameras and provide bullshit answers to pointless questions like “Why do you think this year’s kit will make you better than last year?” or “Does this shirt make you feel more masculine?” And as much as I love a good kit drop, I have to admit the routine has gotten a bit boring.

But leave it to the new kings of cool, Borussia Dortmund, to quite literally turn over a new leaf with their shirt presentation. Instead of simply trotting out players at a mundane presser, the bright minds at BVB and Puma launched theirs from the air with 80,645 flower pots laid out to resemble 10,764 square foot picture of their new shirt in Dortmund’s Signal Iduna park.

Since this is the first time anyone has done something of this ilk, hipsters can still feel good about themselves for liking the club. For the green-thumb readers out there? You’ll be pleased to know that flowers utilized were marigolds and black, pink and grey petunias. And to be clear, there’s nothing more hipster than petunias.

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