WSOTP x Cincy Shirts

I have to admit: this post has been a really long time coming. Despite the WSOTP Shop having been up and open for business since March, I’ve been promising to drop new shirt designs for ages now. In fact, I previewed one of them back on reddit probably six months ago. But for various reasons, things just kept getting pushed back.

Today, that changes. Two new original designs will be revealed below. But I’ve got another order of business to attend to first.

Back in May, I made a move away from using a pre-order only set up I had originally used for running the shop due to the long order-receiving turnaround. It could take up to two months for some people to have their shirt in hand. I wouldn’t be cool with that, and I’m guessing most people wouldn’t be either. So I looked to find a decrease that time… but I wanted to find an answer close to home.

WSOTP - Blog - Cincy Shirts.fw
the long awaited announcement is finally made.

The solution? I forged a partnership with local Cincinnati t-shirt kings Cincy Shirts to allow for on-demand shirt ordering. Not only that, but you can order many of the designs in not just t-shirts, but also hooded sweatshirts. More offerings, quicker delivery and a local partner… it was too big of an opportunity to pass. But for whatever reason, I never made mention of this exciting news. My bad guys! You can also find the WSOTP logo shirt on their main site alongside hundreds of other designs that revolve around Cincinnati’s burgeoning culture.

Anyway, on to those new designs:

WSOTP Shop Shirts - The Indy and Foosball

The first design is a homage to a state and city I used to call home, and their brand new NASL team — the Indy Eleven. Though the Eleven won’t kick off until next year, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t passionate fans there rooting them on already. A design that takes queues from not only the Indianapolis city flag, but also the entire state of Indiana as Indy Eleven are the only professional team in the state.

My second new design looks to honor a version of soccer I’ve spent countless hours playing during my childhood not to mention the bar as I’ve gotten on in years: foosball. The rungs we spun a seemingly infinite number of times emblazoned across the chest, the discerning soccer fan will quickly know they’ve come across one of their own when they see those familiar figures.

The shirts themselves aren’t yet available for ordering, but will be soon. So be sure to watch this space for ordering information in the near future.

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