dressing up cincy spurs

Though the influx of new supporters over the last few seasons has been nice, it’s not always been easy an American supporter of Tottenham Hotspur.

Cincinnati Spurs Sign
i spent some time trying to find the right way to capture the spirit of cincinnati’s official tottenham supporters group.

Often times, it’s been very lonely. I’ve been following the team for a little shy of twenty years now, and it wasn’t until two or three seasons ago that I finally bumped into another Spurs fan here in my hometown of Cincinnati. I knew they had to be out there, but I just never ran into any in any of my innumerable Saturday and Sunday mornings at the pub.

So you can imagine my delight when an official, THFC-sanctioned supporters group sprung up last Spring here in the Queen City. Their presence not only confirmed my suspicions that others like me where out there, but that they would be getting together regularly to watch matches.

Having launched the shirt shop just prior to that point, I had already been itching for a reason to design a Spurs shirt. And Cincinnati Spurs’ arrival was the excuse I’d been looking for. With the guys open to the idea, I set about working out a shirt that would not only represent Spurs, but also our home of Cincinnati.

But then I got sidetracked… for a while. A long one.

Luckily, my daughter being born last month and the resulting paternity leave from the real world job opened up an opportunity to sit in front of the virtual scratch pad. With adequate time available, I was finally able to crank through some ideas. Not all were good, and many were downright bad. But eventually, I was able to tweak and tinker until I settled on this, the sixth print now available in the WSOTP Shop:

WSOTP Cincinnati Spurs Shirt

The design features a modified version of the iconic Tyler Davidson Fountain from the city’s spiritual center of Fountain Square, with the White Hart Lane cockerel replacing the Genius of Water topping statue. It was the perfect fit, and I have to admit it turned out better than even I had originally pictured. And for it, Cincinnati Spurs now have a shirt to call their own.

But as I have a habit of doing, I just couldn’t stop with a shirt. So after hammering out the shirt design, I moved on to the additional matching social media avatars and cover photos below. So feel free to download them and use them to show off your pride in both your Cincinnati and Tottenham.

As mentioned above, the new Cincinnati Spurs shirt is now available in the WSOTP Shop. And for a limited time only, the shirt will be available for just $20 — that’s $5 off the normal asking price! So be sure to snag one soon before the price goes back up.

And if you’re interested in hearing more about or joining Cincinnati Spurs, be sure to like them on Facebook and/or give them a follow on Twitter. Hopefully we’ll catch you out for a pint and a match sometime, too.

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