pic of the week 2/3-2/9

Though we don’t often show it, men — even famous sportsmen — are still humans with emotions, too. And this latest edition of Pic of the Week captures one of those fleeting moments of male insecurity for posterity, as it features an overly emotional Mario Balotelli shedding tears after being subbed in Milan’s 2-1 weekend loss to Napoli. Much speculation into the reason for Super Mario’s tears has been bandied about since, some of which totally incorrect. The chief amongst those was that Balotelli was crying after receiving repeated racial abuses throughout the match, which is categorically wrong. And though Mario isn’t above throwing a fit after disagreeing with a manager’s decision, nor should we discount his tears being a reaction to his new and interesting haircut, but it’s likely that neither one of those are the reasons for his sadness either.

As it turns out, Balotelli was likely shedding tears of sorrow for an unused goal dedication to his newly confirmed daughter. The Italian striker has been involved in a custody dispute with a former girlfriend Rafaella Fico who lives in Napoli, and last week learned that he is indeed the father of a one year old little girl named Pia.

This, of course, isn’t the first time we’ve seen Balo cry. Cameras also caught the big man bawling on the pitch after losing to Germany in the Euros.

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