WSOTP pod: episode 26

WSOTP Podcast - Season 1 Episode 26
did swansea interim manager gary monk have his kit on under that tracksuit? i hope we find out at some point this season.

For the first time in weeks it seems like, there was only a single helping of Premier League action for Jeremy and D.J. to cover on the podcast. And that means that there was ample time after the BPL round up — which includes discussions on Liverpool’s blowout victory over the Gunners and Gary Monk being the league’s second player manager since the turn of the millennium, among others — to dive into some other topics for a change. So what’s on tap? The guys share their thoughts on the quasi-announcement hosted by David “Beckman” and MLS in Miami, and a lengthy and in-depth response to a listener question about the best mobile apps to use to follow soccer while on the go.

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    1. Hi Denise… you absolutely CAN download the podcast to an Android phone! If you don’t already have a podcasting app, I suggest downloading either Stitcher Radio or BeyondPod. Once you have an app, you can search for us under “Wrong Side of the Pond”. And be sure to subscribe to automatically get the latest episodes!


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