As we’ve harped on before, coming up with content on international weeks is hard. Okay, on week’s like this one, it isn’t that hard. What with the US Men’s National Team demolishing Honduras after having their German shackles removed and Christian Pulisic being ordained the official second coming. But with minimal MLS to report on, and no Premier […]

Professional athletes endorsing products for financial gain is so common place these days that we hardly ever bat an eye at it. And whether it’s maned NFL players hawking anti-dandruff shampoo, NBA players pushing video game delivery services, or a world-famous Frenchman little-known to most Americans selling us razors and shaving cream, it’s generally accepted that […]

For the first time in weeks it seems like, there was only a single helping of Premier League action for Jeremy and D.J. to cover on the podcast. And that means that there was ample time after the BPL round up — which includes discussions on Liverpool’s blowout victory over the Gunners and Gary Monk being […]

I freaking love Twitter. Probably more than I should. It’s an addiction I think. And a major part of my love for the social media service stems from — in my opinion at least — there’s really no better medium out there to discover and connect with fellow fans of the beautiful game. The use […]

Tomorrow is the Feast of Saint Valentine, the patron saint of affianced couples, happy marriages and love — among other oddities such as bee keepers, epilepsy and the plague. Traditionally a Roman Catholic holiday, modern capitalism has exploited it and turned it into a yearly economic stimulus for greeting card companies, jewelers and the floral industry… and possibly turned […]

There was a package of awesome sitting on the front stoop when I got home from work last Friday. I knew it would be there. Like an impatient twelve-year-old before Christmas, I’d been tracking the package on UPS’s website hourly for at least the previous day and a half. Knowing it had been sitting there […]