let me count the ways

there’s nothing more attractive — to me at least — than a pretty girl drinking a craft beer in a spurs shirt.

Tomorrow is the Feast of Saint Valentine, the patron saint of affianced couples, happy marriages and love — among other oddities such as bee keepers, epilepsy and the plague. Traditionally a Roman Catholic holiday, modern capitalism has exploited it and turned it into a yearly economic stimulus for greeting card companies, jewelers and the floral industry… and possibly turned it into one of the most dreaded days ever for men the world over.

As a married man, I too can be counted in those numbers. For one, it falls during the same month as my wife’s birthday: a double whammy my wallet surely feels. But it’s also because I find it difficult to come up with unique ideas other than the standard bouquet of flowers and fancy-smanshy dinner. Perhaps that’s because I’m always thinking about what I should write next in this space, but that’s an argument for another day.

For those of you surprised that I’m married, you’re not the only ones. Considering that all I really ever care to talk/care/think about is soccer, you would think most girls would quickly run for the hills due to the extreme boredom felt from being subjected to the my near continuous rants and ravings over the game.

So how was I ever able to convince some young lady to stick it out with me? Allow me to highlight a few tweets I made summarizing a conversation my wife and I had just two days ago, which I think sheds light on just how I was able to trick a girl into marrying me (read top-down):

Why Mrs. WSOTP Loves MeYes, the girl I married has dreams where she is the match-winning hero for the US Men’s National Team. Not the Women’s National Team. The Men’s. And apparently she wants to kiss them all afterward, which is a little weird for a game winning celebration, unless of course you’re Diego Maradona.

Therefore as you might expect, the reason why my wife and I are the perfect match for one another is because she is just as soccer obsessed as I am. Well, maybe not quite as much — she can only handle watching two matches a day — but she’s at least close. So she get’s my obsession. And that’s at least 81% of the reason I asked her to marry me in the first place. A favorable statistic for ensuring our long-term prospects, right?

And while I don’t necessarily have an idea yet for this Valentine’s Day to show my lovely, footie-obsessed wife just how much I love her… I do hope this public declaration is a good start. Plus if I’m really cheap lucky, Tottenham delivering a win on V-Day might be all the gift she would want. Crosses-fingers.

So happy Valentine’s Day, Mrs. WSOTP. Thanks for putting up with me — and the blog — for this long. Here’s hoping you continue to do so for many years to come. Otherwise, who’s going to edit all of my postings?


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