watch WSOTP’s first game in the broadcast booth

That’s right kids, the day has finally arrived. Myself and WSOTP Podcast co-host Jeremy Lance will be taking to the broadcast booth tonight as we commentate our first ever game for the Cincinnati Saints!

And even if you can’t make it down to Over-the-Rhine’s Stargel Stadium to watch the match in person, you can take in the match and our orations via a live stream right here on Wrong Side of the Pond. Click below to watch us live at 7:30pm tonight. And if that doesn’t fit your busy schedule, you can always check back and watch at a later time.

WSOTP - Saints vs Erie Admirals ICRC TV

Be kind in your evaluations of our commentating efforts… it’s our first run through, and neither of us has ever done this before. But know in advance that we’re aiming to at least clear the low bar set by FOX’s professional team of Gus Johnson and Eric Wynalda.

UPDATE 5/27/2014: Apologies for the inability to stream the match live on Friday, as we experienced some technical errors on the production side. That said, the stream is now available for your viewing pleasure on the website. We’ve also received assurances that this Friday’s (5/30) match against Detroit City FC will be available to livestream on YouTube.

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