you picked a WSOTP scarf, now pre-order it!

Last week, I posted three mock ups on the site to let fans to pick an official soccer scarf design for Wrong Side of the Pond. Well the people — you, our readers and listeners — have spoken, the votes have been tallied, and a winning design for the first ever WSOTP scarf has been selected. And the winner is, with nearly 70% of the vote…

OPTION #1: The WSOTP Hoops Scarf!
WSOTP - Scarf Concept 2.fw

So now that a winning design has been selected, how do you go about getting your hands on one?

As I mentioned in the original article, since I’m not going to front the entire cost of the bulk order of scarves — this soccer writing gig isn’t exactly lucrative, you know — I’m going to do this by pre-order. Scarves will run just $20, plus shipping and handling. So long as we make it to twenty-five total orders, I’ll pull the trigger. If we don’t make it to that number, I’ll refund your money and we’ll all go home sad.

Want some more information about the scarves themselves? They’ll be “traditional jacquard knit” scarves, constructed of 100% acrylic, measuring 7″ x 61.5″, and will be produced by the fine folks at

And since we’re only doing an initial batch of 50, you’ll want to make sure to click the button below to reserve your’s ASAP!

Click Here to Order Your WSOTP Scarf!

Thanks to all those who voted, and we’ll be in touch soon to let you know if and when you should expect your order to arrive.

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