winter is coming… so help us pick a scarf


There’s a saying in the realm of football media that goes something along the lines of, “You’re not a real soccer website until you have your own scarf”… or at least that’s what it seems like.

Over the years — and especially since the unveiling of the WSOTP Shop — I’ve had multitudes of requests for our own branded scarf. And honestly, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, too. However, coming up with a suitable/appealing design, gauging interest in placing an order, getting it produced and then distributing them to everyone was always daunting enough to convince me to put it off a while longer.

Yet with the cold of winter just around the corner, the timing for undertaking that process will truly never be better.

But I have a problem.

I’ve come up with three different scarves, and I can’t decide which one we should go with. Furthermore, since there’s a minimum order quantity of 75 pieces that needs to be dealt with, I need to make sure it’s a design that people would actually want to begin with. And that’s where you readers come into play: I need your help in picking the final design.

Below you’ll find the three designs under consideration. And below those you’ll find a quick survey where you’ll have a chance to pick the design you like the most. We’ll leave it up for a week or so to see which one garners the most tallies. Then once a final design is settled upon, we’ll open up a sign up sheet for those interested in a pre-order. The price will likely be in $25 range. If we get to 50 orders within a month… we’ll place an order. I know, lot’s of ifs in there. But I’m too cheap to front the near $2000 necessary and then be stuck with a bunch of scarves nobody wants.

Two of the mock ups below I’ve already shared on social media this week, but there’s a third that’s completely new. So be sure to give them all a close look and then let us know which one tickles your fancy. And if you have a concept of your own that you’d like us to consider instead, shoot it to us at contact[at]

OPTION #1: The WSOTP Hoops Scarf
WSOTP - Scarf Concept 2.fwThis option takes its front design cues from the traditional hooped scarf designs seen across England, as seen in the header image at the top of the article. The reverse features a map of US in the middle with the WSOTP HQ of Cincinnati designated — just so everyone knows what side of the pond we call home.

OPTION #2: The WSOTP Website Scarf
WSOTP - Scarf Concept.fwOptions #2 pays homage to our website, with basic grays and whites accented by the WSOTP logo’s blue and orange. Plus, there’s a silhouetted ode to our home state on the back under our site tagline.

OPTION #3: The WSOTP Basic Contrast Scarf
WSOTP - Scarf Concept 3.fwThe final design is the most minimalist of the three. One, single-colored bar on each side, the off centered stylized URL — to the left, like the side of the pond on which we sit — on the front, and the simplified logos at each end of the back.

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