WSOTP pod: season 2 episode 29

WSOTP Podcast - Season 2 Episode 29While there was still Premier League and FA Cup action to cover, this week’s episode of the Pondcast takes on a decidedly domestic feel as we do a full-scale preview of the already started 20th season of Major League Soccer. And to help us talk it over, we brought on a man who’s watched every one of the previous 19 seasons from Columbus Crew SC’s broadcast booth: Dwight Burgess! We chatted with Dwight about how he landed his gig, how the game has changed, his outlook for the Crew and much more. And if you come for Winners & Wankers, Championship Watch or Fantasy Update, we’ve got all that for you again this week too.

We didn’t have room in this week’s podcast for listener questions, but we will make room for this week’s and more on next week‘s podcast. So make sure to send your quesetion or topics our way by email  (contact[at]wrongsideofthepond[dot]com) or by social media (links at the bottom of the page). And for the lazy, don’t forget to subscribe using the links below to automatically receive the latest episode of the WSOTP Podcast on your favorite mobile device.

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