pic of the week 3/2-3/8

Altiore Flipped Off

So yeah, this was supposed to go up at the beginning of the week, but things got busy and I forgot to publish. But the image selected for the latest “Pic of the Week” is just too good to not be shared, even if temporarily forgotten. What follows is what you would have seen if I had published it on time…


Above we see a man who has been granted few opportunities to smile over the past 18 months finally getting an opportunity to smile. Even when being presented an unappreciative face and lewd gesture from a member of the opposition support, he doesn’t care. That’s the reaction of a man who scored two goals that day — his second and third goals since joining Sunderland in July of 2013, by the way. Look how wide he’s beaming. Unburdened. Freed. Relief. I can practically taste the joy.

The moment, when shared by Toronto FC’s Twitter, was described as Jozy Altidore’s “Troll Face”. Maybe he was trolling bird-wheeling Whitecaps fan, Kirsty Olychick. Maybe he wasn’t. But either way, the moment captured in that photograph is awesome for more reasons than one — probably two if you ask Jozy.


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