#Pondcast: The Cup Runneth Over


Though we were all made to suffer through a weekend without the likes of Premier League football to entertain us, the FA Cup and its magic did a fine job standing in. Fifth tier minnows like Lincoln City and Sutton United attracted scores of attention to the world’s oldest knockout cup competition, including our own. There was also delicious Champions League action to chew on, and that’s before we even saw what unfolded today. Domestic matters, including new MLS kits, also get some airtime. Plus, we turned to our listeners once again to provide us with answers to the question “Which do you prefer and why: morning matches at home or at the pub?”

We also launched the third season of our MLS Fantasy League, so be sure to click here to get signed up and embarrass us once again.

If you haven’t yet, go visit our friends at Tavour.com as they helped lubricate the conversation last night with their excellent craft beer selection, then saddle up with your favorite device to listen in to this week’s show!

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