#Pondcast: This Is It (For the Fourth Time)

We’ve reached the end. For those hoping the delayed arrival of this episode coupled with the title meant that we would finally be putting the #Pondcast out of its misery, sorry to disappoint you. This is simply it for season four. And honestly, if you’ve listened to us for more than the last year, you’ll know that’s a bit of a lie: we’ll be back sporadically throughout the summer with a special or three. But you’d at least think that, by Episode #170, we’d be capable of avoiding the publishing of a show ten days later than promised. Jokes on you… you’ve been disappointed once again.

So what can you expect in the season four faux-finale? Just as we’ve done the previous three years, D.J. and Jeremy take a look back at their Premier League pre-season predictions from the first show of the year. The guys also hand out their post-season awards, and offer hot takes reviews for all 20 sides that started the campaign in England’s top flight. There are a few domestic thoughts in there too, and so are the final looks at the WSOTP fantasy leagues and last Winners & Wankers of the season, too.

As always, thanks to all of you who listened along this season. We’ve got a few process improvements that we’ll be putting into place, and even more up our sleeves too. So if you feel like sullying your life with us again in season five, you’ll at least have something to look forward to. See you in a few months!

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