#Pondcast: Mané’s Sergio Dipp Moment

WSOTP Pod - Season 5 Episode 6

Though we didn’t take a high boot to our own faces, we were out of commission earlier this week — so a late podcast covering all of the weekend’s Premier League action is the silver lining you should be looking for. In it, we spend time discussing how Mané was definitely deserving of the red he saw against City, and why his over exuberance isn’t solely to blame for Liverpool’s crushing defeat. There was time too for the USMNT’s continued poor run of form, as well as a look into the potential ramifications of NASL’s lack of division two sanctioning.

So enjoy a belated #Pondcast on your favorite podcast listening service below, where you’re absolutely also going to leave us that five-star rating you’ve been meaning to leave all season.

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