#Pondcast: Fabian Delph Lives

WSOTP Pod - Season 5 Episode 8

Covering this week’s Premier League action, D.J. & Jeremy weren’t so much shocked that Manchester City rolled to a 5-0 victory over Crystal Palace, so much as they were shocked at who scored one of those goals. Chelsea’s dominating performance on the road also gets some airtime, but not a whole lot more than Diego Costa’s move away from the Blues did. And if you’re looking for us to shower love on the chasing trio of Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal, we asked more questions than we did give them all props. Just the way Fabian Delph would like it.

Oh yes, we also got into the US women’s national team’s visit to Cincinnati, and also peered into the crystal ball with respect to the pending lawsuit the NASL has brought against US Soccer.

Go and listen, and rate us — highly — too.

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