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Pursuing a creative line work is kind of scary. First, you must conquer the uneasiness that accompanies putting something you’ve created out there for the world to judge. Next, you have to scrounge up enough self-confidence to believe that not only are your talents worthy of being shared with the world but that your creations are also worthy of being exchanged for actual money.

It’s one thing to run a blog and spill your creative output out onto it for whoever happens to stumble across it. But it takes an entirely different mindset to try to solicit payments for what you’re churning out, too.

But much like for athletes who relish the thrill of performing live in front of throngs of supporters, there’s nothing quite like getting to take people’s ideas and turn them into realities.

I’ve held creative jobs before — both inside and outside of soccer — but that work has always been at the behest of an employer. While those jobs all had their perks and were great for my professional development, I’ve forever longed for the freedom to forge my own future, develop my own partnerships, and work with those with whom I share similar passions.

It’s a thought that’s long tickled the back of my mind. And as the saying goes, there’s no time like the present.

So as of today, Wrong Side of the Pond is officially for hire.

Time spent working in professional soccer, higher education marketing, web development, and journalism have helped me to hone a comprehensive, broad-based understanding of how to help organizations achieve their marketing, branding and communication goals. And I’m happy to now the expertise gained through those experiences to soccer clubs, establishments, businesses, and individuals looking to expand their reach and influence in the world.

Those services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Freelance soccer journalism, including written, audio, and/or visual contributions.
  • Graphic design services ranging from simple logos or brochures to brand development, website design and more.
  • Social media consulting, campaign planning and content delivery.
  • Enhanced soccer bar advertising in our very own WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas and beyond.
  • Event services, including marketing, hosting and live soccer shows/events.

To learn more about the offerings, visit the new dedicated WSOTP Services hub in the site navigation or by clicking here.

And what kind of launch of new freelance services offerings would be complete without a request for new business partnerships? If you or anyone you know is looking for new solutions on how to promote themselves, how to boost engagement, or build a new image, do me a solid and put them in touch with this short form.

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