Due to the rapid growth of the sport in this, it feels like hardly a day goes by without a soccer club new crest being unveiled. And like clockwork, countless hours are subsequently spent on Facebook, SoccerTwitter™, /r/soccer, and other various soccer-flavored corners of the internet debating the merits and failures of the logo’s most minute details. […]

Pursuing a creative line work is kind of scary. First, you must conquer the uneasiness that accompanies putting something you’ve created out there for the world to judge. Next, you have to scrounge up enough self-confidence to believe that not only are your talents worthy of being shared with the world but that your creations […]

The rapid rise of FC Cincinnati — taking to the pitch for the first time in 2016, record-smashing attendances, a first-place team chasing a title in just their third season, and securing the fastest-ever lower league club promotion to Major League Soccer — has prompted many questions. On the latest episode Lower League America on Compass […]

Admittedly, releasing the news that we will have a 2016 MLS Fantasy league just two days before the actual league season kicks off is a bit foolish. It should have gone up days ago, if not weeks. But that’s the reality we have to live with now. Luckily for those of you who stumble across this space […]

See, the blog isn’t dead yet! Though I’m guessing the less than 100 words below linking to content that isn’t my own probably isn’t the thing I should hang my “the blog isn’t dead yet” hat on. If nothing else, it’s something for you to chew on to end your weekend/get your week started. Too, I’ll […]

If someone asks one to think of soccer, most people will envision the actual acts of players running about a field and kicking around of a ball. Some, too, might envisage the electric atmospheres that supporters often bring to games. But I’d wager few immediately visualize the managers standing on the touchlines when you ask them to think about the […]

When it comes to American soccer, outside of World Cups, there’s nothing that quite captures the attention of the American public like USA-Mexico games. I won’t get into the main talking points you usually hear tossed about for ahead of the game; everyone is else writing about that, so there’s plenty for you to read there. But there […]