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Due to the rapid growth of the sport in this, it feels like hardly a day goes by without a soccer club new crest being unveiled. And like clockwork, countless hours are subsequently spent on Facebook, SoccerTwitter™, /r/soccer, and other various soccer-flavored corners of the internet debating the merits and failures of the logo’s most minute details. It either ends up being dragged through social media’s mud or hoisted up by the masses as the gold standard for all subsequent soccer club brandings.

Mercifully, the debate tends to steers clear of youth clubs’ brandings and instead focuses on clubs in the semiprofessional and professional ranks. That’s a good thing: we don’t need Twitter raking them over the coals for how they look when their true purpose is teaching our kids how to play the game

But just because the internet typically spares youth clubs the trial by fire, that doesn’t mean their branding is unimportant.

A solid brand can be important for the recruitment of top players and coaches. A good logo can assist in the development of team identity and ideology. And a professional look can be vital for scoring with sponsors and fundraisers. All similar to the needs of a professional club, but on a smaller scale.

But with so much of the discussion online devoted to professional clubs’ visual identities, I started to wonder the internet would brand a club if they had an opportunity to do so. Would there be one overriding, universally desired look? Would certain color combinations be more preferred than others? And what would they want to call it?

So here’s your chance internet know-it-alls: an opportunity to do all of that for an imaginary club in a hypothetical American city. Complete the short survey at the link below and once I’ve hauled in a decent amount of data, I’ll compress it all into a fancy follow-up post.


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