#Pondcast: Live from quarantine

WSOTP Podcast Season 7 Episode 28-01

A lot can change in a little time and this week’s episode of the Pondcast is a testament to that. On our last show, D.J. and Jeremy sat together talking about the approaching climaxes of the European campaigns and the optimism following the return of the North American domestic seasons. But this week? We followed the CDC’s recommendations of social distancing to minimize the spread of COVID-19 by recording miles apart about all the soccer that’s not currently happening. We tackled and speculated upon the impact of coronavirus on the Premier League, MLS and USL, and the international soccer scene.

Additionally, to ensure we’re continuing to chug out weekly shows to stave off the boredom of quarantine, the guys also shared the first of what will become a staple during the layoff from actual games — and that’s some of our favorite players, moments, and more from all our year’s living and breathing the sport. First up this week: our and our listener’s all-time favorite U.S. men’s national team players.

Now get in there… but make sure you wash your hands first.


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