#Pondcast: The guys with the hands

WSOTP Podcast Season 7 Episode 36-01

In the rarest of rarities for the show, this week’s episode saw D.J. and Jeremy host a guest in back-to-back episodes when they welcomed former stand-in host Adam Maloney (@maloneyam34 on Twitter) back to the #Pondcast to help tackle our all-time favorite goalkeeper lists. A netminder himself, Adam offered his own favorites on top of providing interesting insights into what made some of the greatest keepers so great. Too, the trio tackled the latest goings-on around the world, including South Korea’s restart and the impending return in Europe.

Have a suggestion for a Top 10 or topic we should tackle during our ongoing quarantine shows? Shoot your suggestions to us on Twitter at @wrongsideofpond or @JeremyLance or hit up the contact form.


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