#Pondcast: Back to bombing the wings

WSOTP Podcast Season 7 Episode 38-01

Ten straight weeks of soccer-less podcasting took its toll, so D.J. and Jeremy took last week off for a much-needed breather. But they’re back this week, and just in time for the return of MLS — or at least the announcement that heralded the return of it. Of course, that news comes in the middle of even bigger news within the social landscape of the United States, and we, of course, touched on how George Floyd’s death has impacted the world of soccer and it’s players and fans. And last but not least, we jumped into our next positional “Top 10”, this time naming our favorite outside backs.

Have a suggestion for a topic we should tackle during our ongoing quarantine specials? Shoot your suggestions to us on Twitter at @wrongsideofpond or @JeremyLance or hit up the contact form.


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