#Pondcast: The lost episodes of the pandemic #1

WSOTP Podcast Season 7 Episode 40-01

So you might be wondering why you’ve gone a few weeks without Pondcast, only to get smacked with three in succession. The short version of a long story — we got hacked. And among the many things that went down, our virtual assailants deleted posts, podcasts, files, and even modified our hosting set-up.

So when you fire up this — the first of three backdated episodes, know that the first half hour or so is old info. In fact, this show should have originally posted back on June 19th. But what you’ll still find is our fresh takes on the ongoings of the soccer world at that time — the impending restart of the Premier League and the first news of the uber-simplistically-named “MLS is Back” tournament. Plus the first of two remaining positional top tens from our ongoing pandemic specials, this time being our favorite wingers.

Want to share your picks on the show? Get in touch with on Twitter at @wrongsideofpond or @JeremyLance, or hit up the contact form.


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