#Pondcast: A little summer something

With a fantastic European Championships and fulfilling Copa América now in the rearview mirror, this seemed as good as time as ever for the guys to return from their summer holidays away from the mics for our irregular annual “Summer Special”. So what’s in store? D.J. and Jeremy took a crack at each of the major players at the Euros, sharing their personal takes for the likes of MVP, “Most Likely to Have Earned a Big Move”, biggest disappointment, and more. For the Copa, we look at what Messi’s redemptive run means for his legacy. And if you were worried we forgot about the domestic stuff, worry not. We touch on everything Concacaf Nations League, MLS stadium love, and even the Gold Cup.

Have at it on your favorite podcasting service below — and don’t forget to leave us an honest 5-star review in exchange for giving you something fresh to listen to this summer.


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