Eric Cantona’s recent announcement that he would be running in next year’s French presidential elections didn’t even cause me to raise an eyebrow in Ancelotti-esque fashion. When it was stated just a day later that his announcement was nothing more than a ruse to get actual┬ácandidates to pay attention to his push for better housing […]

Summer has arrived with a vengeance in Southwest Ohio. Sweltering temperatures normally reserved for August have plagued those of us living in the humid Ohio/Miami Valley region, causing us to suffocate on the air so thick and heavy that Cristiano would trip over it. Researching for the blog has been a welcome excuse for me […]

Not that I’m telling you anything new, but your average American sports fan’s knowledge of association football is extremely limited. Many, if not most, have literally zero knowledge about soccer. But if they do have just a bit of room in their brain for it after squeezing in as much knowledge about American idol, the […]

Every work day, I exchange at least 10 to 15 emails with my buddies Lippstick and Milky, arguing about the latest news and rumors in the world of football. And since the football media pour out stories at a rate equivalent to the amount of oil spewing forth from BP’s well in the Gulf of […]