ten words or less #28

ronaldo trains with the brazilian national team ahead of his last game for brazil
fat ronaldo looks on as he "trains" with the seleção for the last time.

Summer has arrived with a vengeance in Southwest Ohio. Sweltering temperatures normally reserved for August have plagued those of us living in the humid Ohio/Miami Valley region, causing us to suffocate on the air so thick and heavy that Cristiano would trip over it.

Researching for the blog has been a welcome excuse for me to sit on my couch and enjoy the air conditioning over the last week or so, and today’s post is the beneficiary of said sloth. So if you’re trying to escape the summer heat, why not sit back and check out some of the interesting bits of soccer blabber from around the tubes.

The Gold Cup TV schedule. You should watch it. – totalsoccershow.com

How to build a stalker: step one… – kickette.com

Donor hair: Chicharito, Neville, Fabio, Park, Kuszczak, Berbatov, Obertan? – redcafe.net

Pienaar has to be thinking, “Great… always the same kit.” – footballshirtculture.com

The highlights of the tactical evolution from 2010-2011. – guardian.co.uk

FIFA adds racism to their stable of “awesomeness.” – msn.com

Before Ronaldo. After Ronaldo. – youtube.com

I want to hang these up in my house… tonight. – kckrs.com


  1. haha, ronaldo looking at those guys stretching, looking like, ‘nah, i’m good.’ wouldn’t want him to work too hard and waste energy stretching. future poster boy for gastric bypass with maradona…


    1. every time i see that picture, the only thing i think is going through his mind is, “i want a hot dog… or a prostitute… wait, i want both.”


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