i want: umbro universitario shirt

Umbro 88th Aniversary Universitario Shirt

So what if Nike ditched them and made off with most of their most-prized assets; that hasn’t stopped Umbro from pumping out a further flurry of drool-inducing kits. The recent masters of retro, the once-giant English manufacturer have once again dropped an absolute masterpiece in historically influenced design. And this time, the effort was made to commemorate the 88th anniversary of Peruvian power Universitario. A silly anniversary to celebrate? Sure. But who cares when they made a shirt this awesome for it.

So why exactly do I dig it so much? Maybe it’s the simplicity of their crest (which has been getting lots of love lately). It could also the shirt’s Henley button placket, a design characteristic that’s become much more prominent in my wardrobe as of late. But mostly, I think I’m drawn to it because of its use of off-white as the primary color… which gives it just the perfect amount of vintage flair to make it actually look old.

Whatever the case: I want it. So someone give it to me. And that all starts with someone procuring me with a link to do so!


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