pic of the week 6/3-6/9

Lebron James and David Beckham in Miami

Yes, I’m well aware that I’m jumping the gun on this week’s “Pic of the Week” by posting it six days earlier than normal. But considering how I haven’t exactly kept this “regular” feature very regular to this point, I hardly think anyone will kick up too much of a fuss. Anyway, this picture is far too important to wait until next Monday, so buckle up…

In this week’s POTW, you’ll see too extremely famous people at the conclusion of Game 7 in the NBA’s Eastern Conference Semifinals. On the left is Lebron James: basketball superstar, Liverpool minority investor and likely the most famous athlete on the planet now that the man on the right has retired. That man on the right is David Beckham: retired footballer, global brand ambassador and a regular in this POTW space. “So what?” you might be asking, “Stars from different sports hang out with one another all the time.” And in most circumstances, that would be an accurate statement. This time, however, there’s plenty to read into something as small as a handshake between two of sport’s biggest names.

Rumors have long swirled that Beckham still has an active clause in his previous MLS contract that allows him the ability to purchase an MLS franchise. Whether David can do so at a discounted price or not isn’t really relevant here, but what is relevant is that he’ll need additional investors to prop up a successful club. Additionally, there have been whispers that Golden Balls is eyeing up Miami as a potential location for Club Beckham. And that’s where this overly friendly handshake comes into play. Lebron is a) rich as hell, b) has bucket-loads of clout in Southern Florida circles, c) is apparently prone to backing soccer clubs given his involvement with Liverpool, d) and adds further star power to a potential bid.

If you ask me, the stars are not only figuratively, but also quite literally look to be aligning.


  1. If I remember correctly, at the last Heat home playoff game, D Becks was sitting next to one Mark Cuban. Surely he has the dough to help any MLS bid….


    1. MLS could certainly do with an enthusiastic owner like Cuban… though I would certainly be a bit surprised if he ended up in the investment group Beckham puts together. Stranger things have happened though. You know… like Manchester City and the Yankees getting a club.


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