pic of the week 9/9 – 9/15

Genoa youth coach Luca De Pra

Based on the above “Pic of the Week”, I could forgive you for wondering if WSOTP is considering a switch in subject matter to blogging about military techniques, paintball or homeless veterans living in the forest. Rest assured, it’s not. In fact, this week’s selection is very much a soccer picture, even if it doesn’t look like.

Pictured above is Luca De Pra, youth team goalkeeper coach for Italian Serie A side Genoa, but some things seem a little off. For example, full camo isn’t exactly the training garb you find on your average coach. Furthermore, you might expect that a Genoa coach should be at this own club’s training ground, not in the woods outside of rivals Sampdoria’s. And yet that’s exactly what some fans and staff at Sampdoria thought too, when they found the Genoa man spying on Sampdoria training ahead of the club’s upcoming Derby della Lanterna match. The lengths some football clubs will take to get a leg up on their competition appear to know no limits… though let’s just be glad he wasn’t actually a sniper sent to pick off i Blucerchiati players.

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