WSOTP pod: episode 6

WSOTP Pod: Season 1 Episode 6

WSOTP Pod Episode 6
what city will be the next to have an MLS club awarded to it? d.j. and jeremy cover that and more in episode 6.

Recorded just a mere four days after our Dos a Cero Special for Episode 5, what could we possibly have to talk about on the latest edition of the Wrong Side of the Pond Podcast? A lot actually. Not only did we have another full weekend of Premier League fixtures to discuss — well everyone save Swansea-Liverpool from Monday, since we recorded on Sunday night — but we also had a weekend of MLS action to cover, not to mention delving into all of the wild speculation that currently surrounds the MLS expansion debate. We’ll also profileĀ another bar from the WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas… and this time Jeremy has actually been to it!

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