i want: 1994 stars by bumpy pitch

Bumpy Pitch 1994 Stars Shirt

As I’ve said more times on this blog than I could even count, the 1994 World Cup here in the United States was a seminal moment in my life. Just 12 years old at the time, I completely immersed myself in the World Cup and the US national team in a way that I was never able to prior to that point. The experience cemented me as a life-long soccer fanatic — and likely is the primary reason for this website’s existence in the first place.

And for that reason, the iconic denim jersey worn by the US team that summer holds a particularly important place in my heart. So when the fine folks over at Bumpy Pitch dropped their ode to one of the national team’s most infamous beloved jerseys last week, it was a forgone conclusion that I would want one. And since getting your hands on one of the actual Adidas denim kits these days can be a little pricey, this t-shirt makes for an even more amazing (and affordable) alternative.

CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT   |   bumpypitch.com

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