in review: campo retro’s brasil ’14 collection

the germany brasil ’14 shirt by campo.

World Cups have an uncanny tendency to bring out the patriot in us all.

Predictably, that has a knock on effect, impelling many of us to open our wallets to outfit (word choice?) ourselves in the latest team gear to show our allegiance. We wear them to show our patriotism, that we belong and that we’re united in the cause of supporting our boys.

But picking up the latest kit isn’t the only way to show that we care. Many pull out their old kits, too. For some, the old kits represent a hipster-ish desire to show how long they’ve been devoted to the cause. For others, and old shirt can represent a good luck charm, hearkening back to earlier moments of glory. And yet for others still, an old shirt might be their favorite look for their favorite team. Fashion, of course, is in play for many of us too… myself included.

Yet for those who want to rock a retro kit as a fashion statement — but lack one — options are often limited. Acquiring old shirts can be an expensive endeavor, not to mention the pickings are slim. So for those who want to go the retro route for representing their team, but don’t want to spend a fortune to do so, where should they look?

My good friends at Campo have come to the rescue once again, and they’ve done so this summer with an extra special line of retro shirts specifically for the World Cup.

The Brasil ’14 collection.

the jurgs shirt in pure retro style.

Meant to emulate the famous mesh shirts that debuted for the hot game-time temperatures of Mexico 1970, Campo’s latest collection is equally perfect for this summer’s hot and humid climes both here in the US and in Brazil.

Jerseys for twelve different countries participating in this year’s finals — Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United States — got the retro treatment from Campo in this collection. And in addition to picking up blank shirts, you also have the option of emblazoning the name and number of many stars of yesteryear and today across their backs.

Luckily, the good folks at Campo were kind enough to send me one to review and rock during this World Cup. My model to review? A retro Germany shirt with Jürgen Klinsmann’s name and famous #18 on the back. It couldn’t have been a more perfect selection for a kid who has a strong German heritage, fell in love with Tottenham Hotspur after the forward’s move to Spurs after the ’94 World Cup, and him being our national team’s current head coach.

Much like the Stadio No Team Colours shirt they sent me to review a while back, the Brasil ’14 shirt is a marvelous piece of apparel. A ringer shirt at its most basic, it’s a near perfect recreation of the classic Germany shirts of yesterday — basic white with a round black collar and black cuffs. But despite having an old-time look, the shirt has a very modern, slim fit.

the sexy custom campo “victory crest” for germany.

The mesh itself is of the cotton variety, and makes for a very cool wear in the hot summer temperatures. Campo themselves describe it as “90% cotton, 10% air and 100% cool”… a very fitting statement.

As for the Klinsmann name and number on the back, it’s a bit different than the hand stitched numbers on my last shirt. The Brasil ’14 shirt has a felt finish, keeping the shirt light and maintaining the cooler feel.

But arguably one of the most impressive aspects of the shirt is the crest that adorns the front of the shirt. In lieu of replicating each individual countries’ crests, Campo developed a unique “Victory Crest”. Each country’s shirt is customized to feature the national team name and includes the requisite number of stars for each World Cup they’ve won.

So you might be thinking “The World Cup is over after today, why are you telling me about this now?” And that’s a valid question. But the best part about this late review of the shirt is that I get to tell you can now pick up a Brasil ’14 shirt for a reduced price of just $34.23 — odd number, but that’s a very round £20 for where they’re based in the UK — instead of the normal $51.35. So slide on over to now to pick yours up on the cheap while supplies last!


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