#Pondcast: Not quite a Christmas special


The final #Pondcast episode of 2017 has finally landed on your device, and I’m sure you can hardly stand the anticipation ahead of listening to the “not quite Christmas special” the guys put together for you. A double dose of Premier League action since last week’s show is in store before we welcome on the last guest of the year. Bruce McGuire (@dunord) of Du Nord Futbol fame joins us to talk all things Minnesota soccer as well as offer up his thoughts on MLS expansion following last week’s big news out of the league home office. And just for clarity’s sake, though Bruce does sport a pretty gnarly beard,that is not to the best of our knowledge Mr. McGuire juggling the ball in the image above.

Listen in on your favorite device using one of your favorite services below, and don’t forget to leave us a kind review or two!

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