#Pondcast: 2016’s Fireside Chats with WSOTP

wsotp-podcast-2016-interview-specialAhhhh… the Holidays. It’s the time of the year when families gather together, presents are exchanged, stress levels go through the roof, English soccer overindulges, and D.J. and Jeremy take a break from the #Pondcast. And normally, we make you suffer through the end of the calendar year without a new episode to help distract you from the madness. This year, we’re doing something a little different.

We had a lot of great guests on the show in 2016 — easily our most guest-heavy year to date. And we threw together a collection of some of our favorite clips from those interviews for one big end of year #Pondcast special! You’ll hear cuts from our interviews with both big names and independents alike, including:

  • Peter Wilt (Indy Eleven/Chicago NASL)
  • Tana Weingartner (WVXU, American Outlaws)
  • Sean “Ugo” Okoli (2016 USL Most Valuable Player)
  • Carlos Mojica (Enganche podcast and now the Columbus Crew)
  • John Brown & Fletcher Sharpe (The Outer Drive podcast)
  • Bruce McGuire (Du Nord Soccer)
  • Taylor Twellman (ESPN)

So whether you missed out on the original episodes, or you want to revisit some of our coolest moments of 2016, enjoy this podcast special… because it’s all you’re getting from us until 2017.

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