#Pondcast: Live in Cleveland

WSOTP Podcast Season 6 Episode 37-01

If you thought you would go a whole summer without Wrong Side of the Pond polluting your podcast feed, you thought wrong. But unlike our standard shows throughout the European season, we’re not back to burden you with an hour-plus episode in this summer heat: our first summer special of 2019 — yes, this does imply there will be further ones — clocks in a hair under 16 minutes. On the shortened show, we welcomed two guests who were instrumental in bringing the Gold Cup back to Cleveland, Ohio, this summer: Mike Mulhall, the Vice President of Development for the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, and José Oliveira, a Senior Coordinator of Sales & Marketing for CONCACAF.

Oh yeah… and we recorded this thing LIVE from Dante’s Inferno on the East Bank of the Flats on the Cleveland waterfront at the American Outlaws’ night-before party ahead of USA vs Trinidad & Tobago. Yup, our first show on the road ever.


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