With World Cup 2014 fast approaching, participating teams around the world are making their final preparations for the big dance in Brazil. Finalizing travel plans, plotting training sessions, and most imporatntly figuring out their final roster spots. And national associations forging last-minute marketing partnerships — a.k.a. raking in investment funds — aren’t to be forgotten […]

Like the increasing trend of students rushing the court in college basketball, invading the pitch is becoming incredibly cliché. It used to be a unique event, but it happens so often anymore it hardly warrants attention. No longer reserved for just the obnoxiously inebriated supporter — though those guys still show up on occasion — […]

Though we don’t often show it, men — even famous sportsmen — are still humans with emotions, too. And this latest edition of Pic of the Week captures one of those fleeting moments of male insecurity for posterity, as it features an overly emotional Mario Balotelli shedding tears after being subbed in Milan’s 2-1 weekend loss […]

Ignoring the actual context for just a moment, this might be the coolest American soccer picture of all time: our stylish, world-famous national team manager exiting his helicopter and signalling to the masses just how awesome he is with a confident thumbs up. The only thing that could possibly make it any better would be […]

The first “Pic of the Week” of the year starts off on a somber note, as this week’s picture features the final bow Portuguese legend Eusébio will ever make on a football pitch. His body laid in state at Benfica’s Estádio da Luz after the great striker passed away this week aged 71. Though the Mozambique-born […]

So I normally try to get my “Pic of the Week” posts up on Mondays, and I had high hopes to do so this week as well. But I’m bending the rules on this one, and for good reason. You see, last week was a very special week at the WSOTP world headquarters… Pictured above on the left: […]

Behold the power of social media: an Instagram that broke several million hearts! This week’s Pic of the Week comes to us from the account of US Women’s National Team star striker Alex Morgan, as she announced her engagement to her boyfriend by means of a modestly filtered, mildly blurred photo. That sound you’re hearing? […]

A warm welcome back to the semi-regular Pic of the Week after a month’s absence on the blog. However, if the picture above makes you feel like you’ve accidentally stumbled into a Monty Python movie, worry not… this week’s picture is actually soccer related. The moose in the picture is actually a forlorn Swedish national team fan, […]

Despite not exactly being a household name in MLS, the San Jose Earthquakes’ retiring Ramiro Corrales (first row, second from right) received a memorable sendoff in his last ever match as a professional footballer. With the Quakes all but eliminated from playoff contention ahead of their season-capping match against FC Dallas, the defender was handed […]