sometimes i feel like an irresponsible blogger when i post link-themed articles back-to-back. yes, it’s lazy. but i can’t even begin to tell you, nor do i think i need to, how much easier they are to write. in the case of these “ten words or less” postings, i only have to come up with […]

are you really wanting to read two week old articles? fantastic. i have a few of those for you in this update. however, there are some goodies in here that i think are worth reading. oh and by the way, i’m so glad the season has finally started. while i love the beginning of transfer […]

i’ve been a busy boy the past week, so i haven’t had much time to do any writing. so here’s a quick news round up to make up for it… cristiano ronaldo is right. it’s over for the premier league – telegraph an interesting piece by the telegraph’s mike norrish, who makes a case for […]