With fall’s cooler temperatures fast approaching, I’m doing what any normal guy would be doing… thinking about ways of stylishly revamping his fall wardrobe. Wait: that’s not what normal guys do? Well they should be, and that’s what I’m doing. And what better way to get a start on that wardrobe upgrade than with football lifestyle brand 3nil‘s […]

Feeling deprived of football during the summer months? You shouldn’t be. I’ve been drowning in it lately. If the regular European summer transfer speculation, coaching moves and kit releases aren’t enough to keep you entertained, there’s been plenty of actual soccer being played to watch. Drama has been in ample supply in World Cup qualifying. […]

Ahhhhh. Take a second and breathe in that cool refreshing spring air. Mmmm… it smells like First Kick, doesn’t it? Well if it doesn’t, it certainly should. In fact, I’d be a little surprised if you weren’t subliminally thinking about MLS right now, as the league’s marketing has been awfully hard to ignore this winter/spring. […]

If you happen follow me on any of the various social media networks, you’re probably well aware of my recent obsession with the face the “Deuce Face”. Made on pitch by American star Clint Dempsey in the USMNT’s second World Cup qualifier against Jamaica last month, Dempsey was openly mocking his Jamaican counterparts for crying […]

The footballing gods must be smiling down on me again, as they’ve bestowed another gift upon me: awaiting my arrival on Monday evening after work was another box full of awesome from my good friends over at Umbro. Perhaps an early birthday present, as it was delivered to me just a few days shy of […]

We human beings, regardless of which corner of the globe from which we originate, are inherently greedy little creatures. Our desire to accumulate wealth, valuables, personal effects, etc. — and the status derived from them — is the engine that drives the world. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m no different. I want stuff. […]