I have to admit: this post has been a really long time coming. Despite the WSOTP Shop having been up and open for business since March, I’ve been promising to drop new shirt designs for ages now. In fact, I previewed one of them back on reddit probably six months ago. But for various reasons, things […]

If you haven’t noticed by now, looking back through my I want series, I clearly have a thing for soccer culture tees. And one of my favorite producers of clever shirts is Dutch brand COPA, who just dropped their new Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. But with a whopping 98 different shirts in the collection, featuring designers such as […]

so as i mentioned in my last post, i’ve had some trouble with the volume of links that i’d like to post for you all to read here on the site. and frankly, it’s driving me crazy for two reasons: there are so many quality links out there, that i feel like i’m cheating you […]