Though my love for football is pretty much a given, most anyone who’s come around these parts at least a few times has probably also caught wind of my love for design. From crest redesigns to new kit nuances, or fan art to my obsession with the “brand” that WSOTP has developed into, I’ve written […]

With fall’s cooler temperatures fast approaching, I’m doing what any normal guy would be doing… thinking about ways of stylishly revamping his fall wardrobe. Wait: that’s not what normal guys do? Well they should be, and that’s what I’m doing. And what better way to get a start on that wardrobe upgrade than with football lifestyle brand 3nil‘s […]

So what if Nike ditched them and made off with most of their most-prized assets; that hasn’t stopped Umbro from pumping out a further flurry of drool-inducing kits. The recent masters of retro, the once-giant English manufacturer have once again dropped an absolute masterpiece in historically influenced design. And this time, the effort was made […]

While the hole developing in the toe of my current pair attest I should really be looking to score some new indoor/court shoes, these fresh kicks from Cristiano Ronaldo’s upcoming 2013 Summer Collection now sit atop of my list of wants instead. I haven’t been able to find any information on them at all aside […]

If you haven’t noticed by now, looking back through my I want series, I clearly have a thing for soccer culture tees. And one of my favorite producers of clever shirts is Dutch brand COPA, who just dropped their new Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. But with a whopping 98 different shirts in the collection, featuring designers such as […]

Believe it or not, there’s plenty of quality soccer writing in this country outside the auspicious bounds of WSOTP.  In fact, finding the crème de la crème of American soccer scribes might require you to look outside of the digital realm, and back into the ancient art of print media. And luckily enough for us Americans, […]

If you happen follow me on any of the various social media networks, you’re probably well aware of my recent obsession with the face the “Deuce Face”. Made on pitch by American star Clint Dempsey in the USMNT’s second World Cup qualifier against Jamaica last month, Dempsey was openly mocking his Jamaican counterparts for crying […]